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Parent Coaching for LGBTQIA+ Children

Is your child or adult child going through a transition and you need support? Being the parent of an LGBTQIA+ child or adult child is a unique and rewarding experience filled with both challenges and triumphs. At Heart Bloom Therapy, Dr. Pamela Brody understands the importance of finding support from someone you can trust. She provides a safe and affirming space to help you go through this journey.

How Parent Coaching Can Help

Dr. Brody offers parent consultations and coaching specifically designed for parents of LGBTQIA+, gender questioning, or gender non-conforming children or adult children. She understands how isolating it can be for many parents. It can be perfectly natural to have a range of emotions. It’s important that you know that you’re not alone on this journey. Getting support for you is an important part of the process.

Address Questions and Concerns

This is a critical time in your child’s life and coaching can give you the essential support you need. These services can provide a safe and understanding space to address concerns, understand sexual and gender identity, and navigate the tricky emotional landscape. In the process, you’ll learn to let go of preconceived expectations, so you can walk alongside your child and help them to thrive.

Common topics include:

  • Understanding you child’s identity changes
  • Use of pronouns
  • Parental feelings of loss and grief
  • Ways to be affirming
  • Navigating family and school dynamics
  • Where to get community support

Empower Your Child and Yourself

Recognizing and working through your own feelings is crucial for both you and your child. Recognizing your child as their unique self and advocating for their well-being can lead to a deeper, more authentic relationship. Empathy and open communication are key.

Sexual and gender identity are a small part of who we are. Through parent coaching, you’ll come to understand this and move from instability to learning to create a loving, supportive environment.

By advocating for and valuing your child, they will have compassionate and safe space for unconditional love and healthy growth. Life is an adventure, and by embracing this journey together, you can strengthen your family bonds and support your LGBTQIA+ child in becoming their true selves.

Why Choose Heart Bloom Therapy for LGBTQIA+ Parent Coaching?

Through coaching services at Heart Bloom Therapy, Dr. Brody is dedicated to helping parents of LGBTQIA+ children and adult children in Denver, CO, to learn, understand, and flourish together as a family. Contact Heart Bloom Therapy today to learn more or to get started with coaching and therapy services for parents.